R35GS R4 RF3


Nuova Remital compressor-aspirator equipment has its applications in all industrial and craftsman sectors.

Cleaning is the most recent stage the progress of Nuova Remital has reached. The company has been operating for more than forty years in industrial electric motors and aspirators. ounded in 1959, as Remital, the Tuscan company made its debut with application of its motors and aspirators to machines for stockings.

Constant study and research have led Nuova Remital to make increasingly powerful machines (passing from KW 1.1 to 7.5 KW) and to diversification of their applications, which now cover all industrial and craftsman fields, from the food to pharmaceutical, chemical to railwaiy and to sef-service sectors.

The range of the aspirators - pressers has been widened in the series 3 by the double endorser models R3/GD, equipped with induction trifase motors 4 KW - 5.5 KW - 7.5 KW powered and with the RF3 trifase and monofase models, characterized by FRONTAL ASPIRATION.